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What is AEC?

AEC is a short term language learning that strives expose students of all ages and skill levels  across a rang of different format. And it offers students  to learn and let them to experience linguistic diversity and language education  which would be collaborated with  the local culture from different background.

By overcoming obstacles and limitations students gain experiences and confidence that give them a new found perspective on their futures and the capacity to see the world through different eyes. At the same time students discover the joy and happines that comes from outdoor English learning. And discover your hope here!

What is the aim of AEC?

Camp is not only practise English, but also to actively improve the stduent’s skill throughout each day in the presence of Mentor and native English Speaker.

What will you learn from AEC?

The core of the educational program consists of 3 morning and 2 afternoon lessons in which an English teacher (native speaker) actively works with the student  in classrooms or in our beautiful outdoor areas. The course focuses mainly on improving the student’s conversational skills, their active perception of the language and pronunciation. The goal is not just to understand a foreign language, but also to be able to spontaneously react and speak. Grammar is practised in a fun way that complements the main aim of the course. In addition to the lessons, the student enjoy time with their teachers throughout the whole day, participating in fun activities such as sports, games, competitions, swimming, boating, sightseeing trips, camp fires, discos and parties, so they are speaking English all day long.

Outline Program

  • English Skill:

Morning conversation


Explore your vocabularies

Public Speaking and listening session

Story telling

English Debate

Spelling bee

Missing lyric

English Quis

English Drama

  • Workshop

Express your self

Teen’s future Talks

My Art time

City stories

Being a solution not polution

My day with Native Speaker

  • Outdoor Activity

Team work and communication

Fun games and outbound

Field trip / city tour

Camp fire

  • Daily Activities

Morning conversation

6 hours of Themed workshops in English

Trips and walks in the nature

Break, and praying

Treausre hunts and team camp challenges

Sports and cmpetitions

A party at end of the camp

Fun activities with outdoor games


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