The First Day Of English Camp

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The First Day of English Camp !! We learned to be more independent, responsible, brave to perform before people, and to socialize. Moreover, we played a lot of enjoyable and fun games. It’s not about whether you were right or wrong, it’s about how brave you are.

Being away from parents wasn’t really a big problem for them. One could easily see how well they managed themselves and overcame the problem they encountered.

Parents expect their children to be smart, independent, optimistic and brave. On the other side, children prefer playing and enjoying themselves. Therefore, this Amazing English Camp was designed to meet the expectation of the parents and also provide those required by children.

The participants of this camp were presented with lots of fun games during learning sessions such as Spelling Bee, Words Treasure, Hot Seats and many more. It was interesting to see how they were engaged in the activities while being who they really are.

Joining this Amazing English Come will surely become one of the things they cherish. The memories of learning while having fun will be kept forever.

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