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To get children to spend their holidays with positive and useful activities, Jagat ‘Arsy World Civilization Boarding School held an English Camp with 20 children of Elementary and Junior High School, 4 – 6 January 2017.

Cooperating with IofC (Initiatives of Change), this event filled with fun and excitement ran tremendously well. The participants of this Amazing English Camp held in Jagat ‘Arsy campus gained great experiences. Beside learning much about English, the participants also got a beautiful surprise from the coming of some friends from Afghanistan who were later participating in this camp.

The First Day Of English Camp

Moreover, the participants of this English Camp got an opportunity to experience how it feels to stay in Jagat’s dormitories for two nights. They rose early, did night prayers, did jamaah prayers at the mosque, dhikr and learned many more religious activities.

According to a parent of a participant, Bunda Ratih, it is really important to have a good confidence in speaking English. She stated that she was looking forward to any other similar event held by Jagat ‘Arsy World Civilization Boarding School in the future and she was eager to encourage her child to join again. “Thank you so much for your guidance. Your team’s efforts have made my daughter find her high self confidence to speak English better than before. Please invite us to your next program. Thanks a lot”, said Bunda Ratih.

Appreciation and gratitude were also conveyed by another participant’s parent. Zahra Putri’s mother expressed her gratitude to Amazing English Camp team who had held the truly positive event at this boarding school which had just received grade A for school accreditation. “Alhamdulillaah, I personally say many thanks to all the teachers and team”, said she.

Some parent was brought to tears and some others seemed happy and proud witnessing their beloved children performing on the stage. At the closing ceremony, the participants performed what they had prepared to show how they had learned and had made big efforts to be better than they were when they first came to this camp.

Perfect satisfaction out of this Amazing English Camp made one participant say how she was totally impatient to graduate from her current school to enroll at Jagat ‘Arsy World Civilization Boarding School. Her mother revealed how she repeatedly talked about Jagat ‘Arsy once she arrived at home. “Alhamdulillaah, many thanks to English Camp Team of Jagat ‘Arsy. Reiysa was so happy and even wanted to study at Jagat ‘Arsy. She has been talking about Jagat over and over again. Jazakumullah wa barokallahu fiikum”, Reiysa’s mom.

Well, thank you everyone who has already participated in Amazing English Camp at Jagat ‘Arsy World Civilization Boarding School and see you in the next amazing event!

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